Tt eSPORTS Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Programmable Macros
When you first plug in the mouse the computer will automatically know that you are plugging in a mouse input device but you still need the program that comes with the mouse at the very bottom of this page.

The first thing that happened with me was a firmware download that began immediately without my needing to ask for it. It only took about 20 seconds and I was downloading the other parts of the programs. Total time to download and install was less than 10 minutes. More about 3 for me because I have very high speed internet and a gigabit connection so downloading and firmware update will only be as fast as your slowest link.

Firmware upgrade

Now that the firmware was updated it was time to get acquainted with the programming part of the mouse. The “VENTUS” ambidextrous gaming mouse has a setting for Normal use and Battle mode. Setting the lighting and 5 different user named profiles that can be programmed into the mouse for easy switching between games and applications. You can set the lighting and even link the lighting to the game that you are playing to give you warnings of certain parts of the application. The sensitivity of the rotation and all the buttons can be changed to whatever the gamer needs are and can speed can be changed on the fly with just a few taps of a button under the wheel.

Here is a picture of the lighting portion of the program. The lighting can all be part of each profile too so it can be different depending on the profile that the gamer chooses to use for that certain game or environment.

Lighting Setup

For each of the 5 profiles you get 4 different programmable speed modes for each application. Not every game or program is the same so this mouse can be changed to fit the needs of each nuance of each part of a game.

Speed control Macro
slow speed control
Speed control

Ultimately no matter what program or game you are playing the speed dpi setting comes up for 5 seconds at the bottom of the screen to let you know where you are and it will show every time you change it to let you know that you are on the speed that you need for that phase of the game or program.

Setting indication on screen

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