Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV Case Review

“A Picture is worth a thousand words” (Fred R. Barnard)

The front box shows Phanteks PH-ES314E_BK Enthoo EVOLV and lets you understand right away that you are not dealing with just any ordinary computer case. The black box with the picture in the center is beautiful and the corrugated boxing is strong and its wrap around type that tightly encloses the inside by coming together with large copper industrial double copper staples that hold the box firmly together.

Ethoos box Front

The back of the case box shows the many unique feature of the Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV case in full detail and can be easily understood by anyone interested in studing the case in full detail.
The printing quality and the box itself is very easy to read and the box is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Ethoos box back

The form and function is described here on the side in 9 different languages that is sure to be able to be read by anyone that that needs know about the specifications of the case inside cocooned inside.

Ethoo box side

The case specifications are labeled in great detail on this side of the box along with the UPC code and serial number of the case inside. The handles cut into the box works sufficiently to move the box and carry it. While the case is pretty heavy the size of it makes it easy to carry around.

Right Side of box

Once the box is lifted off you have the case that is protected by very high quality Styrofoam. I actually checked it’s durability as I usually detest regular Styrofoam but as I stressed it and tried to break it I found that this was not regular Styrofoam but this stuff stood up and seemed to ask me, “is that all you got?” I walked away like a good reviewer would surprised by my findings.

Packing Styrofoam

The Plastic that covers the Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV is not exceptionally thick as some, but it is good enough for covering a high quality case without too much overkill so I would say nothing wrong with this part as well.

Plastic covered phanteks case

Once the plastic is finally removed you can see that there is one more layer of protection to remove and that is the self sticking plastic that has been popular with windowed panels for over a decade and it works really good to cover and keep any scratches from the smoked window panel on the side. The one that I received had only the outer side of the screwed in window panel covered in the plastic and not the inside but the window was not damaged or scratched in any way as I looked it over but if Phanteks is reading this I think the inner part should be protected too since some of the parts box and the wires are movable and that little piece of cheap protection would go a long way in the future to keep down RMA’s

Front side with plastic on glass

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