be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM Family Gets A New Member

Be quiet! has fully updated its silent full modular GOLD power supply Pure Power 11 FM series. Be quiet! Has revealed a recent model of its pure power 11 FM family that consists of fully modular power supply items that are certified to be 80 PLUS GOLD. The new launches will also include “FM 850W” that is 850W and the “FM 1000W” model that is 1000W.

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It is a flagship power supply item with great economical value and the units in the series have been made bigger to accommodate all the traditional three 550W, 650W, and 750W. Keeping in mind the performance of 80 PLUS GOLD that has an efficiency of 93.9% it is a great improvement from previous models.


Dual lane specification of 12V is used in the 850W model that has four systems and the 1000W model has six systems of PCI-Express auxiliary power supply.

A 120 mm silent fan is used as a cooling system that works amazingly peacefully without any noise. It gives noise of a mere 15 decibels or less whether it’s working on 80% load. Its body measurements include 150mm in width, 165mm in depth, and a height of 86mm. It also has a guarantee of 5 years by be Quiet!.

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