MSI PCIe Gen 5 Ready MEG & MPG PSUs Designed For Next-Gen GPUs Pictured

The PCIe Gen5 “12+4pin” MSI power supplies for next-gen GPUs have been pictured. The exclusive initial photographs of the next-gen power supplies were released by WCCFTech.

Now, Loki by ASUS is not going to be the only power supply possessing a full-spec PCIe Gen5 connector. The company is also working on next-gen supplies equipped with the full 12+4 connector for the latest GPUs.

Just recently we covered a topic of ASUS Thor II PSUs, which are yet to come out this month. As discussed earlier, the upcoming ASUS Thor II PSUs will not be equipped with a full 12+4pin PCIe Gen5 spec connector for GPUs. On the contrary, it will connect with a 12-pin cable taken from the NVIDIA MicroFit design that can only support up to 500W of power. On the other hand, the Loki series is going to be completely compatible with 600W specs, four additional pins are required for it.

The PCI-SIG specs show the latest standard named 12VHPWR, it possesses a 12-pin power cable with 4 extra signal paths which help in negotiating power requirements and guaranteeing that the graphics card is properly attached to the supply. The above-mentioned MEG and MPG power supplies will feature either a 12-pin to a dual 8-pin adapter cable or a full spec 12+4-pin cable.

It will have four signal lanes attached to the power supply directly. The difference here should be that the adapter cable will be limited to 300W (2x 150W) whereas the 12+4 will be up to 600W. Fortunately, power supplies will be compatible with practically any GPU configuration, if the buyers connect extra two 8-pin cables. MSI will be releasing at least five PCIe 5.0 compatible power supplies ranging from 750W all the way up to 1300W.

Via WCCFTech