Intel Is Hiring A New UK-Based Team To Develop Low-Power GPU Architecture

Intel is hiring new team members for its low-power GPU architecture development as Intel has put forward a job offer for a senior hardware design engineer in the UK.

Intel Low END GPU Job offer

According to reports, Intel is forming a new team in Swindon UK for Graphics Processor Unit development. The advertisement of the offer particularly mentions low-power GPU architectures for next-generation portable computers. The offer doesn’t mention GPU architectures for upcoming CPUs.

As London is not that far away, the company may try to poach some engineering from rival companies such as ARM (Cambridge, UK) or Imagination Technologies PowerVR (Kings Langley, UK).

Intel ARC Alchemist GPU Q1 2022 Launch 1030x579 1

At the moment the company is depending on its Xe-LP architecture for low-power devices that include Alder Lake or Tiger Lake CPUs. As the process is in its initial phase and the team is being formed right now, we might be able to see the result of their hard work in the coming years.

Via Intel Jobs