Cooler Master Announces V1100/V1300 SFX Platinum Power Supplies Featuring PCIe Gen5 Power Connector

Cooler Master has announced its first ever V1100/V1300 SFX Platinum power supplies with PCIe Gen5 power connector for next-gen GPUs. Cooler Master V1100/V1300 Platinum has followed ASUS Thor/Loki, MSI MPG/MEG, and introduced support to the next-gen GPU power connector.

CoolerMaster V SFX L Platinum V1100 2 videocardz

Cooler Master has introduced two power supplies designed in the SFX form factor for Mini-ITX builds. These supplies are 80+ Platinum certified (92% efficiency) and tend to supply either 1100W or 1300W of max power.

Cooler Master is not calling the GPU power connector 12+4-pin or 16-pin, but simply a PCIe Gen5 connector. It is expected to have a 40cm long cable. Interestingly enough, the description by the company focuses on the PCIe Gen5 standard as a whole, and not just the power connector itself.

Designed according to the latest PCIe5.0 specification and Supports data link speed operation of 32GT/s with superior memory, storage capacity and segmentation capabilities to capture higher volumes of upstream and downstream traffic.

There is no information on the maximum current from this connector. But as we know it features the full 12+4-pin implementation, hence, it should support up to 600W of power.

CoolerMaster V SFX L Platinum V1100 1

Cowcotland has shown a picture of the new V1100 power supply. The modular cable connectors appear comparatively extended than the renders seem to suggest.

Via Cowcotland, VideoCardz