Phanteks Launches Evolv Shift XT Along With Revolt SFX Power Supplies

Phanteks today announces the new Evolv Shift XT, a unique small-form-factor chassis that can extend to three different heights, along with the new compact Revolt SFX power supplies. The Evolv Shift XT’s innovative design allows the chassis to extend its height to tailor the cooling performance to your need. It supports large 3-slot GPUs up to 324 mm long and comes equipped with a no-compromise double-layer Gen4 PCIe riser cable. With the flexibility to extend the chassis, you can choose a supercompact build or up to a 240 AIO cooled powerhouse. To complement the Evolv Shift XT small-form-factor chassis, Phanteks offers supercompact SFX-sized Revolt SFX power supplies available up to 750 Watts with Gold and Platinum efficiency ratings.

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Being part of the Phanteks Evolv series, the Evolv Shift XT offers premium build quality and components using thick anodized aluminium panels, PCI-e X16 Gen4 riser cable, and USB-C Gen2 front IO. Performance is uncompromised with Ultra-Fine Mesh panels and vented aluminium panels while providing a clean and stylish appearance with the tempered glass infinity mirror.

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The Evolv Shift XT’s innovative design allows the chassis to extend its height to tailor the cooling performance to your need. In “Compact” mode, the Evolv Shift XT can house systems with up to 324 mm long 3-slot GPUs and 72 mm tall CPU coolers that have direct access to fresh air. In “Air Boost” or “Liquid Cooled” mode, the height can be increased from 32 mm to 60 mm respectively for further hardware compatibilities like adding 2x 120/140 mm fans (Air Boost) or a 240 AIO Liquid Cooler (Liquid Cooled) for the best possible performance.

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Being a compact SFF chassis does not mean you have to compromise on gaming performance. The Evolv Shift XT includes a built-in Gen4 x16 Riser Cable and supports 324 mm long 3-slot GPUs with Ultra-fine Mesh panels that supply direct fresh air to the GPU cooler for optimum cooling performance.

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The Evolv Shift XT brings the iconic design known from the Phanteks Evolv Series and stands apart wherever you place it. Its 2.5 mm thick aluminium exterior panels are crafted and finished with high precision to combine good airflow performance with a premium appearance. The tempered glass front panel houses a D-RGB Infinity Mirror that reveals more as you extend the Evolv Shift XT chassis height.

The Phanteks Evolv Shift XT is a unique and premium SFF chassis with tailored performance and is available in two colors: Satin Black and Galaxy Silver.

Revolt SFX Power Supply
The Phanteks Revolt SFX power supplies bring the powerful Revolt series to a smaller footprint. The super-compact SFX form-factor maximizes its versatility to fit Small Form-Factor chassis and free up space in larger chassis for better cable management. The high efficiency, 80 PLUS Gold certification guarantees a 90% efficiency at 50% system load. The Revolt SFX power supply is developed with renowned power supply manufacturer Seasonic to ensure the best possible endurance and stability.

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The Revolt SFX power supply has a silent 92 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan with intelligent thermal control to optimize noise and cooling performance. It features a 0 RPM mode while under 30% load for ultimate silence.

With its super compact SFX form-factor combined with high power output, the Revolt SFX is the perfect match for small form-factor chassis. Its length of only 100 mm frees up space for easier cable management and improves the overall building process.

Being fully modular offers complete flexibility and ease of use during installation. The all-black flat ribbon cables are flexible to help make routing in tight spaces easier with the length of each cable designed with small form factor chassis in mind.

The Revolt SFX Power Supply will be available in 650 W/750 W 80 Plus Gold and 750 W 80 Plus Platinum.

  • Pricing and Availability: – February 2022
  • Evolv Shift XT Satin Black: February 2022 €169.99 / £159.90 / $169.99
  • Evolv Shift XT Galaxy Silver: February 2022 €169.99 / £159.90 / $169.99
  • Revolt SFX 650 W 80 PLUS GOLD: February 2022 €129,90 / £114.90 / $129.99
  • Revolt SFX 750 W 80 PLUS GOLD: February 2022 €139.90 / £123.90 / $139.99
  • Revolt SFX 750 W 80 PLUS PLATINUM: February 2022 €159.90 / £139.90 / $159.99

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