Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs Get Further Support For Latest Linux Kernel

The Intel Alder Lake processor family started the wave of new hybrid designs taking over the customer market. The new designs possess high-performance P-cores and high-efficiency E-cores joined together to achieve a diverse structure invention. Phoronix has reported that the next-generation Intel Raptor Lake CPUs will continue to be enabled in the coming Linux kernel.

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The ingenious Raptor Lake design by Intel will launch with an anticipated delivery of the last quarter of this year. The application ecosystem is presently preparing for its coming. The audio support for the new Intel Raptor Lake processors has been instigated into the new Linux kernel 5.18.

Raptor Lake processors by Intel will employ the next-generation Raptor Cove core configuration. It is to possess around 24 cores and 32 threads. The new Raptor Lake CPUs will have 8 Raptor Cove and 16 Gracemont Enhanced cores for the highest SKU accessing a sum of 32 threads. The CPU will offer a sum of 54 MB of Smart Cache for the premium Raptor Core chipset, which will have 36 MB of L3 cache for all bodies and 18 MB of L2 cache.

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Intel will offer 2 MB L2 / 3 MB L3 cache per Raptor Cove core while each Gracemont Cluster will present 4 MB L2 and 3 MB L3 cache — a sum of 36 MB L3 cache across all cores, 16 MB (2×8) P-cores, and 16 MB (4×4) E-cores. The 125W Intel Raptor Lake-S variant will offer a PL1 rating of 125W, PL2 rating of 188W, and PL4 rating of 238W. The Raptor Lake is expected to deliver from 125W to as high as 314W.

The process of Raptor Lake enabling has started since the time when Skylake was apparent. Interestingly, Intel is working for the software enablement across the board for Raptor Lake to make sure the product will be functional. In Linux kernel 5.17, Intel’s Raptor Lake-S Gen 12-based graphics card obtained preliminary software assistance. It is expected that the support for Raptor Lake will be completely attainable once the new processors arrive at the end of this year.

Via Phoronix