Intel Confirms Launch Of 15th Gen Core “Arrow Lake”, Xeon “Granite Rapids” and “Sierra Forest” In 2024

Intel has confirmed its 15th Gen Core “Arrow Lake”, Xeon “Granite Rapids” and “Sierra Forest” 2024 series

During the latest company’s investors’ meeting of 2022, Pat Gelsinger , the CEO of Intel, confirmed three product series which are planned for launch in 2024.

Intel Granite Rapids

Intel confirmed for the first time that Arrow Lake will be succeeding Meteor Lake as a client product (Intel Core series). Most likely this product of 2024 will utilize the same platform as Meteor lake. It will be marketed by Intel as the 15th Gen Core series which confirms a year to year product release for consumers.

Three process nodes will be utilized by Intel Arrow Lake: Intel 4, Intel 20A, and External N3 technology. Lunar Lake is supposed to be launched in 2024+ (likely 2025) which will utilize Intel 18A.

Arrow Lake Lunar Lake

Intel server processor series will see its development course into Performance and Efficient cores in 2024. Intel today confirmed the 2024 Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest series.

The 2024 Granite Rapids will succeed 2024 Emerald Rapids while Sierra Forest will be a new segment showcasing Efficient cores exclusively. It means that Xeon CPUs codenamed “Sierra Forest” will not make use of hybrid architecture but rather feature a single type of core. A somewhat similar approach to AMD Zen4 “Genoa/Bergamo” EPYC CPU series should be noted.

Intel Arrow Lake 1

Intel has confirmed that Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest will be built using Intel 3 process technology.

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