Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 4 Case Review

If you purchased an iPhone 4 you must know about the dropped call issue and the case program.  There is a flaw in the iPhone 4 that if you hold it a certain way without a case your calls will be dropped.  Apple discovered this issue and started the case program offering a free case to users.  You would download an app on your phone and select a case.  When I did this I was surprised that many different cases were offered.  Having not reviewed a case from Belkin before I decided to get the Shield Micra case.  Let’s take a look…

Easy removal of iPhone from case
Full access to connector, buttons & screen
Slim, form-fitting polycarbonate design
Camera lens cutout
1 Year Limited Warranty

The Shield Micra comes in its typical retail packaging.  The front is open so you can check out what the case looks like.  On the back there is a little bit of information about the case.

Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 4 Case Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 4 Case

The package opens up like a book and you can easily remove the case.

Belkin Shield Micra iPhone 4 Case

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