Best 5 Games Of 2018: Action Games

Every game comes with some action, but when it comes to actual action games, the content features high-octane combat and thrilling set pieces that bring everything together. Is this the kind of genre you love? Here is your ultimate guide to the best games of 2018 with high-quality graphics and complete action-packed gameplay.

The best 5 games for android

We no longer live in a world where phones could only play second fiddle. Today, smartphones have screens with higher resolution that can deliver fully-featured actions with spectacular graphics, addictive and intense gameplay. In the past few months, new upcoming games have been released and are available for download on Google Play Store. These top games can be played online and offline.

How to play the most popular action games

The action genre focuses on challenging the reflexes, fast reaction, and hand-eye coordination of the players. Apart from activities that require a lot of jumping and running, action games are more complicated than the earliest arcade classics. These playoffs share the same design mechanics whereby you graduate from one level to the next as the challenge creeps up steadily. If you are on terrain, it becomes more difficult to navigate while your foes become more perilous and harder to beat. In the popular games of 2018, developers have tweaked the formulas and divided the action genre into various sub-genres such as Beat ‘em ups, Shooter games, and Platforming games.

From the Sea of Thieves to Assassin’s Creed Rogue, here are the top PlayStation games.

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  1. Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

This is indeed a remarkable come-back after four years because the last part of this game was released in 2014. So if you will need some extra time between the exams and final papers, you can place urgente ordem TCC no Rio de Janeiro e outras cidades brasileiras and enjoy your game-time. This action-adventure game is available in Xbox One and Play Station 4. The 2014 version was quite impressive, but the Re-mastered version allows you to partake the adventure once more but this time with a new paint coat. The most noticeable upgrade is the 4k resolution on PS4 and Xbox one X. The crowds are denser while the environment rendering has been enhanced. From the original edition, you get two bonus missions plus personalized packs that allow you to dress like the main Assassins including Ezio and Bayek.

  1. Sea Of Thieves

The development of Sea of Thieves has been going on since 2014. The players sail on a ship while behaving like pirates, e.g., drinking rum and hunting for buried treasure. Depending on the number of crew members you need, there are various ships to pilot. You have to manage the ship operations manually, for instance when repairing the hull or loading canons. Expect to navigate stormy waters and solve various riddles in search of treasure. The pirate ship has a number of customization options, and if you succeed through the game, you will be the legendary pirate who will access the hidden secrets.

  1. Shadow Fight 3

This is one of the best games of 2018 featuring challenging levels and stunning graphics. Shadow Fight 3 comes in several modes including events, duel, and story mode. Your aim as a fighter in the game is to beat your counterpart. You can boost your power, use shadow energy, upgrade your weapons, and acquire new abilities. How you attack the opponent with shadow energy every time determines your victory. While fighting, you must defend yourself from your enemy, attack them at the right time, use combos, abilities, and acquire more trophies.

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  1. Sniper Vs. Thieves

An action game with multiple players allows you to play on your Android device and choose between the role of a thief or sniper. As a sniper, you are tasked with slaying down the thieves. If you choose to play a thief, you are expected to steal cash and get to the bus safely. There are myriad of weapons, events, loots, modes, and so on. There are 100 masks you can use to customize your character and 100 weapons for shooting thieves.

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  1. Into The Dead 2

This is a zombie survival sequel to a PIKPOK game (Into the Dead). The idea behind the game is to survive as long as possible. You will find dully-packed action chapters, hundreds of challenges, and more than 50 stages that are making Into The Dead 2 one of the most popular games for Android. As you fight zombies, make sure that none of them survives. That is why you need to get the upgraded weapons and improve your skills to save the family.

Since the days of Space invaders and Pong, people have been debating if there is something good in playing video games. Some people assume that they can cause psychological problems, but no scientific evidence proves this. The truth is, these video games improve people’s learning ability and don’t affect physical health as long as they are done in moderation.

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