Best Apps that Ease Student’s Education

Being students can be rather challenging at times. These are the years of an immense amount of homework combined with growing responsibilities, work, social and private life, and so on. Yes, this time can be stressful. Though it shouldn’t be stressful all the way. Fortunately, today’s world is a time of technical advances. They can offer students a lot of help and benefits in their struggles. Modern applications can do more than messaging or food delivery services. They can help students to organize their days better, keep them healthy and well. Though, most of all, they can be a valuable asset in their studies. From grammar checking to learning platforms. They can do all. So, here is our take on the five best apps for students.


By now probably every student already knows about the benefits of the application. Here is for those who missed it. is a platform that helps to check and edit papers for spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes and so much more. It is a website, application, and keyboard for your smartphones that instantly point ours on any misspelled world or mistakes you have made. It can also define the writing style and stylistic of your paper, advising you proper wording accordingly. It definitely deserves its top position in our list of best educational apps.

Hemingway is another app that can proofread and edit students’ work. It is focused on precision and stylistic writing, such as passive voice, cliches, and wrong wording.

Creative platforms

Students need to work somewhere and we don’t mean actual physical place. What we mean is a digital space where students can write, create, cooperate, and much more. Luckily, modern technologies offer a lot of such opportunities. The application Evernote can offer a good platform to keep track of notes, divide then into notebooks, put tags, and so on. It has sold categorization program, allows to work in a team and sure notes among others. Other platforms, such as Trello and Notion can be a great asset in studying multiple disciplines and courses, individually or with a team. To learn more you can always click for more info here and read it yourself.


A good plan is everything. Organizing your workload will help you to stay productive and efficient in your day to day life. It is especially necessary for students who are just entering adult life and do not lose much of organization skills. Thus, any application that can help you to sort out your class, homework, work schedule, gym, and other activities is a must-have for time being. There is a wide variety of such planners online. In our opinion, apps such as Timetable, My Class Schedule, and Class Timetable are great in serving their purposes. Of course, you can find what fits best for you. Just have one, we insist.

Language learning programs

What is a list of the best applications for students without apps on language learning? We thought of a number of apps that can help you achieve your language goals. We know that learning a foreign language is a challenge though it’s doesn’t have to be one. It can be fun and easy with apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Drops. These apps allow an interactive and engaging approach to learning while keeping you motivated with bonuses and achievements on your way.

Revision apps

Of course, how could we miss on the revision apps when speaking about college apps? Exams play a massive role in students’ lives. We all know how stressful, confusing, and difficult these times can be. That is why we are happy to present our take on the best revision apps that can help you prepare for your upcoming exams. These apps are GoConqr, StudyBlue, and Exam Countdown.

They all offer different preparing strategies, aiming at your weaknesses and strengths. By offering visuals and other interactive strategies they help you better memorizing and revising information.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of best college apps that can help students to study. It is important that students enjoy their time in college and live a stress-free life. Luckily the current technological advances can allow this to happen. Don’t be hesitant in looking for help whenever you feel like you need it. College years a challenging and it is okay to want it to make this process easier. Many applications can help you to organize your life and studies in a more efficient manner. Thus you can leave behind stress and anxiety and move forward at a more comfortable pace.


Jeff Blaylock is a freelance writer and a tech geek. Jeff is passionate about technical progress and the social benefits of it. In his free time, Jeff enjoys teaching children coding and writing a sci-fi novel.