Best Movie Torrent Sites

Torrent websites are frequently used for downloading movies, music and, TV shows conveniently without the acknowledgment of server. The excessive use of  best torrent sites 2021 is for downloading movies. People are always looking for new and trending iconic movies that are recent and unavailable on common sites, so they take help from a torrent website and conveniently download their favorite movies from here. Following is a list of secure and best torrent websites 2021.

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the best torrent site 2021, especially for movies. This website is popular among torrent sites because of its zero ad intrusion, and about 50 million people visit it every month. The Pirate Bay follows the P2P connection principle and allows you to share, download and, upload the latest movies on it. Because of its high downloading speed of 6 MBs per second, it is the top-ranked torrent website. It is the most primitive website with a 6000/1000 seeder to leecher ratio.

  • LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is the 2nd best torrent site 2021, and movie lovers are fans of this site. This site is famous for the latest trending movies that are punctually uploaded. LimeTorrents contains files of different sizes, including large ones with HD quality service. People don’t have to search much for the film, and because of these qualities, people are bind to revisit this torrent site. You have to input the movie name and date of release in the search bar, and the results are on display. It allows swift downloading of high-rated content with a speed of 5.5 MBs per second, and the highest leechers to seeders ratio are 4564/2345.

  • TorLock

TorLock is one of the best torrent sites in 2021, even if it isn’t popular enough. Most torrent users don’t know this torrenting website, but those who know, know very well. TorLock has 5 million torrents present on it, which are its speaking assets. Its interface shows a list of the top 100 most trending movies worldwide that are several times exchanged between leechers and seeders. Its interface display is user-friendly and fascinating. It provides a high downloading speed of 5.4 MBs per second, and the highest leechers to seeders ratio is 5000/3450.

  • TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads undoubtedly is the best torrent website 2021 with a simple and to the point interface display with all the trending movies. This torrent site provides you HD quality image with average downloading speed. For convenience of its users, it has an option of Advanced search. Furthermore, it allows you to give your honest feedback that helps the torrenters to identify whether a torrent is fake or genuine. Its highest leechers to seeders ratio are 3000/1600.

  • YTS Torrents

YTD Torrents website has a simple interface with a dark background theme. The most prominent feature of this website is 3D movies with average downloading speed. There is a separate section for users’ feedback that helps torrenters to identify the quality of a torrent because torrents come from an unauthorized origin. Its downloading speed is 5 MBs per second, and the highest leechers to seeders ratio are 5500/4500.

  • 1337X

1337X is the best torrent site 2021 and among the few torrent sites which are always available. This torrent site is ultimately a network of global level. People are free to download and share anything without any mess. The interface is exciting, and you will find all types of content here, including high-resolution movies, TV shows and, music. The downloading speed is 5.1 MBs per second and the highest leechers to seeders ratio for “parasite” is 6000/1000.

  • Monova

Monova is among the best torrent sites 2021. Its interface display is fabulous with a light theme. The icons have iconic colors, and the site is user-friendly. Monova is a complete package because this website has almost every content people demand. Its downloading speed is 4.8 MBs per second, and the highest leechers to seeders ratio for “Avengers Endgame” is 700/450. The only setback it has is ad intrusion. Irrelevant ads coming in front of your screen will annoy you.

  • Torrentz2

Torrentz2 website has an interface saturation with famous and top-notch movies of all times. It has a long unending list of films of various sizes in HD quality. It provides an average downloading speed of 4.4 MBs per second. This isn’t a torrent site itself but provides a pathway to the torrents. It may redirects several times which can be annoying for users. Otherwise, it is a perfect site for downloading movies and TV Shows.

  • Rutracker

Basically, Rutracker is a Russian torrent website and comprises of only the latest TV shows and movies. It will not provide a record of old famous movies. This website is popular among top 10 best torrent site 2021 because of its high downloading speed and availability of latest content. The average downloading speed is 4.4 MBs per second and the highest leechers to seeders ratio for “ Extraction” is 7000/5550.


RARBG is only torrent website that can be trusted blindly. Its interface is user-friendly and downloading speed is high. This torrent website is ranked among the top 5 world’s best torrent websites because of its reliability and swift prompting. You don’t have to search much about a content as it contains all types of movies, music and, TV shows of almost all the sizes in HD quality. Its downloading speed is 4.9 MBs per second in average and highest leechers to seeders ratio is 5000/2000 for a movie “parasite”. This website is ideal for downloading trending movies and TV shows.

This is a list of the top best torrent websites 2021 that are reliable and popular among people. These websites are specifically good for movies because they have high downloading speed, good leechers to seeders ratio. A little bit ad intrusion can be annoying for users because it is a common problem among torrent websites. Otherwise, these websites are ideal for downloading movies. Some of them are blocked in some countries but you can use them help of a VPN.