The Office In 2022: 4 Cloud Services Everyone Will Be Using

We’re more than halfway through 2021, and as more workplaces carve out new hybrid identities, these same companies are also reckoning with their tech infrastructure. What tools make their operations possible, and what new programs should they be investing in?

To ensure equal access for all workers and greater flexibility where needed, cloud services are even more dominant than they were in the last few years.

These four platforms, in particular, are popular investments for businesses across industries.

The New Windows

Windows has come a long way since the days of Windows XP, which many Millennials still think of as the gold standard for PC operating systems.

Since the initial struggles with Windows 7 and its subsequent iterations, though, the OS has improved and is now entering the cloud era. If your business relies on Windows for its in-house computers, it’s time to take a look at the new streaming Windows 365. This platform is set to replace the standard Windows 10 and the forthcoming Windows 11 and can help keep your business consistently up to date.

Coding’s Next Generation

Another powerful tool that’s garnered some excitement among developers is the forthcoming Visual Studio 2022. This new edition of the coding platform not only continues the legacy of subscription-based coding software seen in the 2019 edition, but now offers C++ features and improved debugging.

Especially for those in the startup sector who work with Linux 2 – a build system that previously lacked a native Microsoft option – this is a must-have.

Simplified Storage

Most companies have moved to some version of cloud storage in recent years, even if a substantial amount of their data remains in legacy system. The more people who are working from home or alternative locations, though, the more important it is that businesses invest in quality cloud storage.’s cloud storage system is a great option because it allows for multi-user collaboration, a wide variety of file types, and strong security. That makes it a good choice for businesses who are concerned about privacy or international data holdings, as the platforms offer clear options for local storage when needed.

Rethinking The Contact Center

Many businesses employ some variety of contact center to handle product support or other customer interactions, but there’s little reason that these contact centers need to be operated in a single location.

In fact, many big corporations pivoted to remote call centers over the past few years, but for smaller companies, doing so might have been out of reach – until now. Though the deal isn’t finalized yet, as Zoom moves into the contact center industry with the expansion of Zoom Phone, dispersed contact operations will quickly become an option for businesses of every size.

One of the best things about the growth of cloud technology is that even if businesses eventually pivot back to standard, office-based operations, cloud-based platforms travel with you – but they also follow workers on business trips and anywhere else they need to be.

These tools enhance productivity, keep your organization up to date, and provide added security. As you plan for 2022, why would you choose any other approach to software?