Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

In a world full of technology, there is room for a lot of competition and rivalry. However, what smart home devices come out on top? There are hundreds to choose from, and there will only be more in the future, which means technology is getting more and more advanced. The best smart home gadgets of 2019 may not be the best forever, but right now they’re the coolest pieces of equipment out there that homeowners are sure to want to get their hands on. Whether you want to tech up your home with a new smart coffee machine or perhaps a thermostat, there’s a gadget for it that is sure to change your life. Below is a shortlist of some of the best smart home gadgets that everyone loves in 2019.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a ground-breaking piece of technology and has been named one of the best smart speakers around. It has an extensive Alexa voice assistant and changeable covers which make it attractive in the home. There is also a range of smart features that match with the Echo, including smart plugs. With this speaker, you can play and change songs as well as control your smart devices throughout the house. If you have the money, there is also the chance to buy smaller Echo’s for around your home, meaning that everyone can enjoy the music playing.


The Ecobee is a smart thermostat that works with Spotify and Alexa. It has everything you could ever need from a thermostat including a slick touchscreen interface and a remote sensor to ensure all the rooms of your house are getting heated or cooled as they should. For anyone who likes to have their house the perfect temperature when they arrive home, a smart thermostat allows you to control heating from your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world! It’s a great, eco-friendly alternative to regular heating thermostats which is why they’re so popular.

Philips Hue

You may have heard of smart lighting before, as new developments often come with built-in lighting since it’s eco-friendlier. RW Invest is a property investment company who offer smart lighting in their buy to let properties. This is a highly sought-after feature, especially amongst millennials who are interested in properties with planet-friendly alternatives. Phillips Hue lightbulbs are another form of smart technology that everyone loves recently. The lightbulbs have automatic sensors to turn on when you enter a room and then turn off as you leave. Have you ever wondered if you turned off the lights after you have left the house? It’s no longer a worry with smart lighting technology.

Nest Hello

Who needs CCTV when you can have a video doorbell? The Nest Hello has one of the best quality cameras around and allows users to see those knocking at their door and hear everything that is going on. Nest recognises faces and even announces people when they arrive at your door. Despite it needing a hardwired connection, it still continually records video so that you never miss an event. These smart technologies are not only life-changing, they also ensure the utmost security for a reasonable price.

iRobot Roomba 980

It’s not easy keeping a house clean, but a smart vacuum like the iRobot Roomba 980 can help. This vacuum is a great alternative to a regular vacuum but can still pick up debris and pet hair from around the home with minimum fuss. It’s easy to use with just a few app clicks, and you can even control it from outside the home. You can also set automatic routes and enable notifications for the ultimate vacuuming experience.

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