Best Video Editing Applications for Iphone (iOS) And Android Phones

If you own a smartphone, you have not only a convenient camera but also a high-def video camcorder. Even better, the latest smartphone models can record up to the 4K resolution, with such footage benefiting immensely from a feature-rich video editor. A good editor will help you to trim clips, apply special effects and transitions, add voice-overs and music, as well as assist with continuity using templates and themes.

If you want to place a wager, you should start with a solid bet calculator like the one available on Football Junkie. You can also find great betting tips, odds and football news on Football Junkie. However, those who want high-quality movies will want to check out the best video editing apps on the market for both android and iOS devices.


Compatible with iOS devices, iMovie is the companion app for Apple’s desktop program with the same name. The app simplifies video editing for beginners, giving you an intuitive interface with several ready-made themes for creating movies with music, transitions, and matching titles. Additionally, you’re free to augment the videos with fast-forward, slow-motion, sound effects, filters, and inbuilt musical tracks.

The apps special features include split screen, green screen, and picture-in-picture. It also comes with customizable movie credits and logos, an array of 14 trailer templates and you can also record a trailer video from the app. Even better, you can move your projects to your Mac, iPhone, or iPad for further refinement.


If you want to have fun making movies, VIZMATO is your go-to solution. This slideshow and video editing application allow you to add filters, effects, music, text, and themes to movies for sharing on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatapp. It also provides over 20 video themes, over 140 background music samples, and lots of special effects.

With a voice changer effect, VIZMATO allows you to disguise your voice and sound like a chipmunk, ghost, baby, and other characters. You can also speed-up, slow-down, or reverse effects on the video and add custom stickers and text. The app is free on Android and iOS devices, but you’ll need to pay $12 per year to get access to the pro version which removes the watermark and adds a Visual FX pack.


Quik is a reliable video editing app brought to you by the folks at GoPro. The app is designed to work with both iOS and Android devices, helping you to edit clips derived from the company’s action cameras. However, you can still use the app with videos from other sources if you don’t use a GoPro camera.

This excellent app finds the compelling parts of your video clips, adds effects and transitions, and synchronizes everything with the musical score. The app can also detect faces and smiles from the GoPro footage while allowing you to adjust the interest point or layout. Additionally, it allows you to add text, splice clips together, add GPS stickers, and select a soundtrack for your adventures.


Publishing good video content regularly can be a bit challenging without the right tools. That’s the reason we’ve highlighted the top three Smartphone video editing apps above. These apps may not do much to change the quality of your videos, but they will make your Smartphone videos memorable.

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