BIOSTAR Announces Hi-Fi A85W 3D Socket FM2 Motherboard

Biostar, which is a manufacturer of embedded IPC solution, graphic cards and motherboards has launched their latest motherboard that supports AMD’s FM2 APU family, called the Hi-FI A85W 3D. It comes with Biostar in-house audio-technology known as the Hi-Fi 3D. It is an ATX form factor that features support for AMD socket FM2 APU and 4 DDR3 memory slots, packing in the typical high-end motherboard features like USB 3.0, HDMI ad PCI-E slots. For additional convenience BIOSTAR includes: Watch Dog, BIO Relief, B, IO-Flasher, e-Hotline, BIO-Watch, T-overclocker, GPU and Smart Speed LAN.

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85W 3D Socket FM2 Motherboard

The Hi-Fi A85W 3D technology includes the following features:

  • The Hi-Fi 3D technology offers high definition multi-dimensional sound when the height, width and depth in front of the listener are what that matters.
  • Smart Ear 3D gives the true reproduction of virtual 3d space when any typical headphones are used with it. It delivers excellent 3D sound for music, movies and games.
  • It gives you the option of choosing from 6 different types of 3D fields which include: Hi Fi (theatre, hall, game spots, studio, conference and bistro) from different apps. Also offering placement of sound sources from anywhere in 3 dimensional spaces i.e. behind, above and below.
  • With the facility of the new generation 3D amplifier, this motherboard can drive over 100 GB load and up to 600ohm impedance with high-end headphones.
  • The Hi-Fi 3D technology has built in power amplifier to boost the speaker volume. It almost increases the volume level by double.
  • The Hi-V capacitors deliver low noise, low distortion and possess a high bandwidth to achieve the highest sound resolution and expansion.
  • These motherboards acquire a sampling rate of 192kHz/24-bit which gives high quality audio through an analogue connection to your home-theatre system multi channel speakers and high-end headphones. It also gives the opportunity to experience the Blu-ray level high definition sound through a regular PC.

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85W 3D Socket FM2 Motherboard

It comes with an amazing feature of MCC (multi channel calibration), that can actually transform any room to an ideal listening environment. Audio performance is automatically calibrated according to the dimensions of the room.

Source: BIOSTAR PR | News Archive

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