Biostar Is Ready To Launch Its Valkyrie And Racing Z690 Motherboards

Biostar is all set to showcase its new motherboards for the Intel Alder Lake CPU series. The company is the first to tease products that feature LGA1700 sockets.

Biostar Z690 Racing

The Z690 motherboards come from Valkyrie and Racing series. The company did not reveal much about the specifications or even the full design of their upcoming motherboards. The posted teaser also gives a little hint that the motherboards will support DDR4 or DDR5 memory. However, guesses are that as Valkyrie is the flagship series, it might need a new memory standard.

Biostar Z690 Valkyrie

The 12th Gen Core CPUs will come with an all-new rectangular socket called LGA1700. The teaser shows a part of the socket and its latching system. The design matches the picture of the socket that was leaked previously. So we can confirm that 12th Gen Core CPUs are powered by Z690 motherboards.

Intel LGA1700

Along with the LGA1700 socket and DDR5 memory support, the Z690 series is also the first consumer series featuring PCIe Gen5 interface for next-gen storage devices and probably upcoming GPUs too. All these features are sure to make this release a promising one.