BIOSTAR Releases Intel B85 Motherboards Ready For Business

BIOSTAR has released their all new motherboards which are based on the Intel B85 chipset and they are now ready to be purchased. Intel’s 4th generation Core i7 and Core i5 processors are supported by these motherboards and it does so by the 1150 package which is making use of the Intel B85 single chip architecture.


The new B85 has exclusively been designed for businesses and offers the perfect platform for IT departments in particular. These motherboards are not targeted towards one size but they can be used for smaller as well as larger business firms. Business rich options will be delivered through these powerful main boards and all this higher level performance is granted within reasonable prices as compared to other companies.


The motherboards by BIOSTAR boast 100% solid capacitors and provide special in house technology which also includes the PURO Hi-Fi and other upgrade options for audio and power regulation. One of these includes the Hi-Fi Power and Hi-Fi AMP. More importantly, with the help of Intel chipset and 4th generation Intel Core processor, out of the box solutions will be provided. The motherboard has been equipped with many features such as Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST) which help in providing faster boot systems and load times for applications. The Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA) provides the perfect security solutions which the businesses need. All these features combined together will ensure higher PC performance and better manageability.


Source: BIOSTAR | News Archive