BitFenix Colossus Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
As I said in the introduction we rarely see a new player in the computer case market that really impresses us. I think the last company that did that was NZXT. BitFenix seems to know what they are doing as they are a collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. This means they know what consumers want and what other companies are not offering. This is why the Colossus is such a great case with features you just won’t find on other cases.

The name of the case Colossus really does describe the case. It is very large, menacing, but stylish at the same time. I really like the SoftTouch coating on the front and top of case. Cases easily get scratches and this prevents it and at the same time feels great. The outlines of where the lights are on the case not only look good when the lights are on, but even when they are turned off. The lights are what really would attract attention to this case, as I said they go from the front of the case and wrap around both sides. The lights are both red and blue and can be set to solid, pulsating or completely off.

The inside of the case is very large as well. There is more than enough room for a normal ATX motherboard, but this case can fit an E-ATX motherboard as well. If you need storage space you have room for 7 hard drives. Each of the removable hard drive bays can fit either a 3.5-inch or a 2.5-inch drive. There is also room for 5 5.25-inch drives. I really like all of the cable routing holes. They allow you to easily route and hide your cables making for better airflow.

Talking about airflow you have 2 massive fans that cool the inside of the case. There are 2 230mm fans (1 intake and 1 exhaust). While these fans are quite large they can be controlled so when you don’t need them at full speed they can be turned down to eliminate all of the noise. There is also room for an additional 2 fans, which are not included.

Some of the features of the Colossus are specifically made for gamers. The S3 storage and security system is perfect for LAN parties. You can lock up things like your phone, keys, and other valuables. Also devices like your phone and portable hard drive can be plugged in while they sit in the compartment because the USB and eSATA connections are there. Also the wire management system on the front of the case is great for LAN parties. It allows you to connect your mouse, keyboard and headset to the system then lock the connections on the S3 compartment and route the cables down the front of the case.

There really is not much I don’t like about this case. The only thing I really didn’t like was that the grommets on the cable routing holes came off when I was routing my cables and they were really hard to get back on.

BitFenix tells us that the Colossus will have a MSRP of $169, with all of those features it is sure a great deal for that price! Unfortunately I was unable to find it for sale online, hopefully it will be available soon! Overall ThinkComputers gives the BitFenix Colossus Full Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Awesome design
– The lights!
– Great cooling
– Tons of room inside
– Gamer-specific features
– Price

– The grommets on the cable routing holes came off easily
– Availability

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