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BitFenix Prodigy M Micro-ATX Case Review

BitFenix has taken great strides to make sure that your new Prodigy M case gets to your doorstep undamaged. they have learned well from their past and have improved all for the future of this very intriguing case cube.

As we look at the first picture we notice the yellow straps that keep the box intact even if the tape were to get wet or cut. These two straps insure that the box stays closed and will probably be used by your delivery man to carry the box to your door as mine did.

Strapped box

The boxing is standard double walled corrugated boxing material with only black as the color on the writing of the box. The big BitFenix bird is proudly shown on the front with the name of the case and the website address for anyone interested in investigating this case in more detail.

Box front

The back of the case shows the new and features of this newer version of the original Prodigy and gives plenty of information on the operation and abilities of this case. There is also the EAN number and the UPC code with the Model number and the color of the case that is packed tightly in the closed box.

Box Back

As we can see with this side view the box is the wrap around variety with eight strong brass staples that hold the case tightly inside the case. The box is also marked with another set of codes and information of the case inside with the color again indicated in large easy to read lettering. The box also has hand holds on both sides that make for easy moving during shipment.

Side 1

This other side shows the Logo, label and a picture of the case with the specifications that are easy to read and very useful for someone that is buying the Prodigy M in a typical brick and mortar retail establishment.

Side 2

Opening the box from the bottom reveals the tight fit of the case inside it’s corrugated cocoon with the Styrofoam being massive on the sides for protection and the plastic for humidity and chemical safety.

box bottom opened

A closer examination of the inner wrapping shows that the top and bottom are kept safe with a Styrofoam top and bottom with certain internal arrangements to keep the handles from any damage during shipment. The Styrofoam is very well made and is very strong. The case is shipped sideways to help with safely delivering the Prodigy M to your door as it was the day it was made.

Styro-wrapped case

The plastic wrapping of the Prodigy M is very strong and not stretches easily. The warning labels tell the customer that it is not advisable for your young children to play with this as it is a suffocation hazard, so be careful to place this material back in the box when you are unpacking the Prodigy M for the first time.

Plastic bag wrapped

Finally the large windowed side panel is protected with tack-on plastic covering to keep it from getting scratched during shipment. It fits well and hold like it is glued but there is no residue left on the side window except a highly static electrical charge you might get if you pull it off too fast.

Window panel covered

Overall Packaging of this Prodigy M case by BitFenix gets our BEST rating for great attention to detail and good materials with a system that is becoming an industry standard in case shipping.

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