BitFenix Prodigy M Micro-ATX Case Review

Final thoughts for the Prodigy M MicroATX Case
System final look with lights

To summarize my feeling on the newly tooled BitFenix Prodigy M is what a lot of the case building community is doing. They are listening and watching the builders and Modder’s as they modify the cases to fit their needs and to make the new designs to reflect the best idea that they see. Since the sale of M-ITX form factor motherboards have dropped the idea of retooling the inside was more of a need than a plain desire. BitFenix did what I thought was not possible. They didn’t change the outside of the case except to give the case handles and sleds more flexible strength so there can be no more cracking and breaking of the these parts. Adding the plasti-dip feel of the colored versions is a great innovative idea to keep water marks, dust and finger prints less visible to the eye and better feeling to the touch. The inside is made very intelligently and BitFenix has not been afraid to update this case even after its original introduction. This idea of constantly improving on a finished product is very unexpected in my opinion and I think this case is not finished going through the evolutionary process more in the future.

Something are great but some are not so great. The power extension cord can get in the way if you forget to plug in the 4 or 8 pin CPU power plug to the top of the motherboard or with this case the bottom of the case. Also I found the lack of space for wire management behind the control panel was really tight and fitting that panel onto the case was a chore to close and I was afraid to fire it off for the first time but all went well without a hitch. But I would work on that back SSD cassette area a little more to make it easier for wires to travel from the front to the back of the case. One other thing that is just with the black model is the meshed front end. There is no need for it but I think this was the first model available and when they introduced the colored versions they got it right by making a soft touch front bezel to fit nicely to the face of the build.

Over all the BitFenix M case is one of my favorite small cases. It is so nice to see that there is so much you can do with this case. BitFenix has not forgotten their builders faith in this little case and has improved where it needed to improved and left some things alone that wasn’t broken. That is a great combination and the reason why the original BitFenix Prodigy was so popular. I really like this case and I recommend buying one if this is something that you are interested in. We all have our tastes and this one is great if you like the cube style case with a new Micro-ATX layout. The new innovations of this case is truly extraordinary and worth the money that it will take to own one.

Right now you can pick up the Prodigy M at our favorite online retailer for $92.52. Overall the new BitFenix gets a hard 9 out of 10 for build quality and innovative design, improvements and the constant desire to update the product even after its first release.

rating9 10 small

– Classically styled Look
– Micro-ATX motherboard compatible
– 5 PCI slots for dual double slotted video cards
– Newly designed handles and skids for extra strength
– Great for All-in-One water cooling.
– Cassette SSD mounts on control panel
– Multiple placements of Hard drives all over the case
– Lots of combinations for different type builds

– Wire Management behind the motherboard tray is very slim
– Power extension cord could get into the way of plugging in the CPU power cable

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