Boom of VPNs: these are the advantages of using a virtual private network when you surf the Internet

The boom of VPNs is happening! VPNs ensure privacy and anonymity when browsing the Internet. The impossibility of tracking them enables access to more content and overcome geographical blocks. They have always been linked to the business and business environment, but technological advancement and much tighter prices have allowed their use to be generalized.

The variety of options involved in having a VPN and the advantages it offers to surf without being identified have led many people to decide on them. However, there are still many who still do not know in depth the possibilities offered by VPNs. Don’t worry, we will discuss it on this post.

What is VPN?

The classic question is “What is a VPN?” A VPN is a virtual private network that is located between the Internet provider and the user, creating an encrypted tunnel through which the person’s data circulates, the websites they visit, the services they contract or the actions they carry out on The Network. In this way, neither the provider, nor anyone who wants to do it, not even the Government, can know what the user is doing on the Internet.

VPNs prevent data theft

The Internet has become a restricted and guarded space, with a continuous hunt for personal data. With a VPN it ceases to be because all operations and visits are made from anonymity. The IP that identifies the user, their digital address, is hidden and thus the use and sale of personal data of the person who uses it is safeguarded. For information, many wiretaps of passwords begin with IP tracking. In some cases, the wiretapping referred to led to the theft of money online.

What is a VPN for?

First, to regain privacy, but a VPN offers much more. Subscribers to the services of large streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney + are surely aware that in some countries they can only see a small part of all the content that can be accessed, for example, a user from the United States. This situation can be solved with a VPN because it allows you to connect to US servers and, in this way, access all the content offered there since the provider will interpret that you are in this country.

Surfing the net without limitations is an advantage of VPNs

You can also enjoy the main broadcasts of the most important sporting events, regardless of the country in which the user is, or the YouTube content censored in some countries or with geographical restrictions, to name just a few examples.

To the aforementioned of access to online content and sports broadcasts, privacy to browse the Internet and unblocking websites, other important ones are added, such as the tranquility of being able to use a public Wi-Fi without fear that someone may access the data or files or download Torrents with security, unlimited bandwidth and without anyone seeing the IP.

Before choosing a VPN, it’s important to ask yourself whether the service that you purchased really can meet our needs. The main needs that a VPN can meet mainly concern three needs:

– Access streaming content such as, for example, content on platforms such as Netflix and Kodi (in this case, the aim is to avoid geographical restrictions).
– Hide IP addresses to surf online completely anonymously.
– Connect to public Wi-Fi networks without leaving a trace of your search.

As for the opportunity to penetrate streaming services and view content that can only be officially seen in other countries, the best VPN is definitely Surfshark. This VPN allows you to enjoy content at an incredible speed, ensuring high-quality streaming. This service is also very good for the ability to cover IP addresses. Finally, Surfshark adopts a strict no-log policy that ensures anonymous and truly safe browsing.

By connecting to a VPN, actually, we make our data pass through the server. These reasons are enough to suggest and hope to use serious paid services. There are obviously lots of free VPNs, but you are warned and dealt with – if necessary – with all the necessary precautions.

Other large macro themes are represented by navigation performance. Have to go through other connections, browsing performance is reduced. Once again, the recommendation is to rely on professionals who – in many cases – are able to withstand the decline in performance. We hope to have given you the tools needed to choose the right VPN for you.