Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag Review

The Boa Slimcase is more of a daily laptop bag, where you would be using each day to take your laptop to work with you. I used it as the same, using it when I would be taking my laptop with me places. There are things that are always in my bag when I take it places, I have my laptop, power cable, iPhone, ear buds, EVDO card, digital camera, Flip Video camera, Seagate FreeAgent Go drive and my keys. I was easily able to fit all of that into the Boa Slimcase. I’m not sure how many more accessories I could put in the bag as things were a bit tight.

Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag

Once you have everything in the Boa Slimcase you are good to go. I prefer putting the strap over my shoulder and letting the bag hang at my side. The shoulder strap is not super comfortable like the one on the Mamba Sling bag, but gets the job done. With the bag at my side it really does not put a lot of stress on my shoulder and I can easily walk through a crowd without bumping someone with the bag.

Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag

I used the bag for about a week and a half and definitely enjoyed it over the Mamba Sling bag that I have been using. The Mamba Sling is a great bag, but is a little bulky if I’m just going down to Starbucks. I like that the Boa Slimcase is nice and compact and can fit all of my accessories. If I’m going on a trip where I need more than my daily routine of accessories then I will go with the Mamba Sling.

Final Thoughts
This is another great bag from Booq. They really make some very unique bags and are one of the only companies that I know using the vertical design. As far as quality is concerned you can’t go wrong with the Boa Slimcase it is protected with a ballistic nylon exterior and water-resistant coating, the laptop compartment is made of half an inch of high-density foam padding and has a scratch resistant lining, and finally the bag uses heavy-duty YKK zippers.

As I mentioned earlier this is a day bag so it does not have a ton of room for accessories, but you should have enough room for your notebook, power adapter, cell phone, digital camera, and a few other things. It is the perfect size for a day bag and that is what it is designed to be.

The bag also has a very unique, but sleek style to it. It does not look like those boring laptop bags that we are all used to seeing. Honestly I cannot find a single thing wrong with this bag, for $105 you can’t go wrong! Overall ThinkComputers give the Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag a perfect 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating10 10 small TC award recommended small

– Unique design
– Great laptop protection
– Quality (1680D ballistic nylon, YKK zippers etc.)
– Perfect size for a day bag

– None that I found

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