Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Review

Tired of lugging around your Wii in a grocery bag, box or even your old backpack? Worried about every time you take your Wii out for a drive that there’s quite the possibility of it breaking or scratching during transport? Then the Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag is just right for you. With plenty of compartments, plenty of padding and velour inside brings out the main features of this high quality casual looking carrying case. Read on further to see what else it has to offer.

– Totally sturdy material to offer highest security to your console
– Adopt a cool and dynamic style, and put an end to an odds and ends ordering for your Wii console
– 4 individual pockets for the pads, including all the required protection for your equipment
– Robust shoulder strap with velour pad for maximum comfort
– Ingenious cable management system
– Large pocket for all your games and gadgets
– Perfect alchemy between sober design and interior made of numerous individual ordering pockets in velour

The Besace doesn’t come in much of a packing material or any protective covering. Instead there is a sleeve that spans about a third of the width of the case. On the front of the sleeve is the product name along with a blue internal view of a gaming controller. The back of the sleeve displays the steps to place the Wii items into the bag and how to close it up properly.

Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag

Besace Overview
From an external view the Besace Wii Bag looks just like any other over the shoulder bag. Black in color with a nylon finish and composed of a quality material it’s hard to tell that it’s actually a carrying case for your Wii.

Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag

The flip cover is attached to the base of the case by Velcro strips. Flipping up the cover over reveals a zippered pocket, viewable only from the inside, which is meant to hold your games or any other thinly made Wii accessories.

Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag

Unzipping the large zipper which extends most of the perimeter of the case reveals the inside of the case which encloses plenty of padding and a soft velour fabric for that uber sweet feel.

Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag

The side without the game pouch actually has its own mini pouch on the inside which holds up to four controllers, either Wiimotes or nunchucks. Below the controller placement is a spot which is perfect for cabling. On the side of these are two pads that extend the width to protect the Wii Sensor Bar or anything similar in size to it. The side with the pouch houses a pouch for the Wii console, power supply, and stand for the Wii. All of the pouches have Velcro straps to hold the items in place.

Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag

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