Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag Review

Final Thoughts
The Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag is probably one of the best Wii carrying bags out there. Compared to other soft and hard cases this is probably the best overall style of case. A casual design gives it a general look compared to any other case, which in my opinion is better than a heavy silver metal carry case.

It’s hard to find a lot of information about this case, which I’d have to assume because it’s new on the market, but it’s easy to tell this is a quality case. While I wasn’t able to find a distinct price for this case I’d have to say it would market anywhere between $30 to $50.

If you travel with your Wii a lot and are concerned about the safety of your Wii and accessories during transport then I’d think the Boogie Bug Besace Wii Bag would be a smart purchase for you. Overall ThinkComputers awards the Boogie Bug Besace Wii bag a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award.

– Casual look
– Quality material
– Velour inside
– Sufficient padding
– Compact yet efficient design

– Availability
– No handle

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