Budget Intel B760 Motherboards From Gigabyte And MSI Leaked

Although the B760 chipset is originally intended to be a budget option to the Z790 and H770 series, board partners will not be restricted to these chipsets when looking for more cost-effective choices. The product portfolio itself will be segmented into business, gaming, creator and enthusiast groups. The UD (Ultra-Durable) series from Gigabyte and the MSI PRO series from MSI are two examples of budget series.

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One thing is very clear, and that is the fact that the new DS3H motherboard is similar to the B660 variant. There have been no changes to the design, power supply, audio subsystem, or even the I/O layout. The design that is printed on the board itself is what has been updated. However, because we still need the complete specifications, modifications to the RAM, PCI-Express, or M.2 interfaces cannot be ruled out.

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The GAMING X model is an advancement of the DS3H model. This B760M motherboard is not a part of the AORUS line and offers only slight advancements over its predecessor. While the B660M model’s component arrangement seems similar, the B660B model’s design is completely different, with new I/O, VRM, and chipset covers.

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MSI’s PRO series motherboards are now much darker, and their I/O covers have been modified. These models are aimed for companies; however, they do offer 2.5G networking, DDR4-4800 memory, and up to four screens through twin HDMI/DisplayPort ports. MSI plans to release the new B760 motherboard series in January of next year. During CES 2023, Intel is expected to unveil the chipset and the 13th Gen Core non-K desktop CPU series.

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