Buffalo Unveils New External Hard Drives

Buffalo Technology counts as a global manufacturer of innovative storage solutions and multimedia and wireless products for the households as well as for use in offices. It has recently announced the latest series of external hard drives which have been tagged as the HD-LCU3 Series. Keeping in mind the growing data storage requirements of customers, the Buffalo has built hard drives which will provide storage capacities of up to 4 TB. These HD-LCU3 Series will comprise of two models; one in black and the other in white; the white models will have a storage capacity of up to 3 TB while the capacity will be extended to 4 TB for the black versions.


The dimensions of these external drives are1 87 x 120 x 39 mm and surprisingly they weigh only about 1 kg and hence makes their installation and storage easy and convenient for users. All hard drive versions will feature USB 3.0 connectivity along with an internal anti-vibration system. Currently there is no active cooling feature on the drives and the casings have been designed in such a way that they easily allow for installation in vertical as well as horizontal ways.


The TurboPC EX2 software will allow the users of the hard drive to activate and take full advantage of the ‘Save Mode’ which ensures the compression of data so that it doesn’t much storage space. The pricing details of the drives which will become available at the end of this month have been mentioned below:

• 1 TB: 134 USD
• 2 TB: 169 USD
• 3 TB: 225 USD
• 4 TB: 397 USD

Source: Buffalo | News Archive

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