BuhoCleaner: Free Up Mac Disk Space In A Few Clicks

Macs are some of the best computers on the market, but it seems like they can never have enough space. Luckily for you, there is a new app that can help with this problem. Buho Cleaner is a free Mac app that scans your entire hard drive for unnecessary files, caches, logs, and other junk. It then displays these items in an easy-to-read list where they can be deleted with just one mouse click. This article will help you free up mac disk space in a few clicks.

We’ll show you how to find and delete unnecessary files on your Mac, so you have plenty of room for whatever tasks come your way.

Let’s get started with BuhoCleaner:

Go to the Official Website and Download the BuhoCleaner

Once you download BuhoCleaner on your Mac, you will see an icon of a white feather pen. The next step is to click the “Start Scan” button and let BuhoCleaner discover what’s taking up space. Buho Cleaner offers three different cleaning modes: General Cleaning (light), Deep Cleaning (super), and Duplicates Removal (expert). You can choose any one or all of them.

Our advice would be to go with the Deep mode first; if it doesn’t clear enough junk from our Mac, then switch over to Expert Mode, which lets you manually check for each file that shouldn’t be there before deleting it permanently from your device. If duplicates are present in large numbers, go for the Duplicates Removal mode. You could also buy the app from a reliable site.

Look for Apps and Files that take Up a Lot of Space

Look for apps that take up a lot of space. These are the biggest culprits in taking up lots of storage on your Mac, mainly if you haven’t used them in years or months. Often, these files will be ones with substantial file sizes like videos and pictures, but they could also be things like caches or temporary folders created by an app or web browser to speed things up when using it. If you don’t need most of what is stored there anymore, then delete it.

It’s no good cluttering up precious disk space with unneeded items. And remember – deleting apps doesn’t delete any data associated with those apps, so basically, nothing will happen except freeing some room unless you use something else.

Designed for Mac OS X and M1 Macs

BuhoCleaner  is available for macOS 10.12 and older Mac models. It works well on both Intel and M1 based Macs. BuhoCleaner has been specifically designed for macOS Big Sur and M1. The best thing about BuhoCleaner is that it  now runs 3x faster on Big Sur and M1 based Macs.

In addition to freeing up hard drive space by deleting unused files from your computer’s system cache, this app also opens up disk space by removing large backups of mailboxes you no longer need while keeping archives intact in separate folders so they can be restored if necessary.

The Bottom Line

BuhoCleaner is one of the best cleaning utilities for Mac. It frees up disk space in a few clicks and does it thoroughly, too, without any hiccups or issues whatsoever. The user interface makes it easy to get started with your cleaning tasks, and there are no complex options either. You can set everything up within minutes and start freeing up disk space on your Mac at once.