CableMod Keyboard Cables Review

I’ve you’ve looked at getting custom power supply cables you’ve probably heard of CableMod. They are pretty much the standard when it comes to individually sleeved power supply cables. In the word of keyboards if you’ve either purchased an awesome mechanical keyboard or built one yourself you’re going to want to get a pretty nice coiled cable. Well, CableMod has taken their expertise at making power supply cables and now is offering pre-made as well as custom coiled keyboard cables. We went ahead and designed a custom one as well as picked up a pre-made one to see what these cables are all about.

Special thanks to CableMod for providing us with their Keyboard Cables to review.

Ordering a Custom Cable
The process of creating your own custom cable is actually pretty easy and CableMod has their own configurator, which is extremely easy to follow. Once you select that you want to make a keyboard cable you are prompted if you want that cable to be a complete cable or just the keyboard side only and then get the choice of the type of cable.

cablemod config 1

Next you’ll be asked some questions about your keyboard like does it have RGB lighting, what connector it uses, and what type of connector your host (PC) has.

cablemod config 2

After that you’ll select which direction you would like the coil to go towards, and the orientation you want the coil to end in.

cablemod config 3

Then you’ll be able to set your lengths. It is nice that CableMod shows a diagram here.

cablemod config 4

Finally you get to select your colors. You are able to set the cable sleeving colors, connector colors, and the quick disconnect colors and type. For each one there is a pop-up with options and it will show you what your options will look like.

cablemod config 5 cablemod config 6 cablemod config 7 cablemod config 8

Once you make your selections they will show up on the diagram so you can see what your cable will look like.

cablemod config 9

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