Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Strategies

If you want to fight and win the undead, you must be more than a mortal. Those zombies are not merciful and don’t know weakness. So, don’t jump into the Zombie mode without the necessary preparations, selections of the best weapons, etc.

You can even adopt some zombie mode hacks to simplify the game. If you’re all for the win and not just the fun, visit Battlelog’s site to achieve your aim. Also, read the top strategies in this article to start off the Zombie mode with a bang and end it with a clap.

COD: Zombie Mode Strategies

1.    Grab the best weapons

The best weapons for the Zombie mode include the M16, Krig 6, Stoner 63, D.I.E Shockwave, Gallo SA12, Raygun, and Knife. These weapons are accurate, deadly, and destructive. For instance, the M16 works like a semi-automatic gun that offers a three-round burst. You can kill many zombies with these weapons. Also, the knife will help you to save points in the beginning. So, don’t be shy to select it as part of your first round of weapons.

2.    Equip your Character with Perks

Fighting the undead means that your abilities must be out of this world. Don’t forget that you’ll be meeting the megatons too. So, the best perks for you include Speed Cola, Jugger-Nog, Elemental Pop, Deadshot Daiquiri, Quick Revive, and Stamin-Up. These perks will turn you into a killing machine plus a survivor as you complete the Die Maschine objective. So, use the perks to transform into a lethal weapon against zombies.

3.    Create a Defensive Shield

Don’t make it easy for the Zombies to kill you off. Use deadly weapons, perk up your abilities but don’t forget the armor. Wearing armor protects you from the deadly effects of zombie attacks. Instead of taking you out completely, you may receive lesser damage. There are two ways to get armored up in COD Zombie mode. You can get it from your victims or buy it with Salvage. Also, if a tricky undead damages it, you still need to fix it with Armor Shards bought with Salvage or picked from dead enemies.

4.    Unlock your Pack-a-Punch Machine

Every Warzone Zombie mode player knows the importance of unlocking this machine. Once you get it, your weapons will take higher levels and deadlier skills. All you must do is pass through the two terminals that’ll lead you to turn on the light in the underground tunnel. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the machine part and join it to activate the machine.

Once you achieve this feat, it’s easier to fight the zombies better. Also, you can even emerge a winner because you’re now using upgraded weapons.

5.    Use the Training trick.

It’s a trick that Zombies don’t understand. You can use it to save your weapons and kill many undead whether they like it or not. The Training trick is to run around many times in a circular movement to lure many zombies into your space. The funny thing is that they’ll spawn en masse into the circle trying to deal with you. Allow them to come in but don’t shoot. When they stop spawning, start killing them all. This strategy works in your favor during the closing rounds. So, use it.

6.    Don’t spare the Megaton.

Zombies in this mode are all deadly. But some are deadlier than others. One such terrible enemy is a Megaton. No matter what you do, always kill it first before facing the other ones. But remember, if you kill the first Megaton, it will divide into two deadlier undead known as the Blaster and the Bomber. Make sure you kill them too. The good thing is if you succeed, it’ll be counted as Elite Elimination. Moreover, you’ll be extending your life on the battle once you eliminate them.

7.      Earn the Aetherium Crystals

Try hard to complete some milestone rounds in Zombie mode. Once you do, you’ll get these crystals. Also, if you complete an exfil, you’ll also earn Aetherium Crystals. With them, you can upgrade important skills such as ammo mods, weapon classes, field upgrades, etc. We recommend you upgrade Ring of Fire, Juggernog, Brain Rot, and Stamin-Up with your crystals.

8.    Don’t forget Stims

With these grenades, you can survive longer in the battle against the undead. It helps you to stay healthier in the game. You can even use it to leave sticky situations during the game. Once you use it, your character will become stronger and can run faster too. So, keep it handy and upgraded so you can even use it to kill some zombies.


The Call of Duty Warzone Zombie Mode is deadly and risky. But you can survive and even emerge the winner with our strategies. So, use them in your next fights with the undead.