Can you flash your 2060 / 2070 Super to a 2070 / 2080?

The guys over at TechPowerup have noticed something very interesting about NVIDIA’s RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 graphics cards while working on the next version of their GPU-Z tool. There are multiple device IDs in the driver, The RTX 2060 Super can be 1F06, 1F42, or 1F47 while the RTX 2070 Super cards can be 1E84, 1EC2, or 1EC7.


TechPowerUp had this to say about the multiple device IDs…

“While the first SUPER entry in each group has a device ID matching the NVIDIA Founders Edition, provided to us by NVIDIA for our reviews, there are two more entries for each SKU. If you take a close look at the device IDs, you’ll realize that each one just differs by a value of 40 Hex from the another models (that’s what the red arrows indicate). Why would NVIDIA create those SKUs, based on existing models? It seems that in order to protect existing inventory in warehouses of their board partners, NVIDIA has created a method to turn existing RTX 2070 non-Super cards into RTX 2060 Super; and RTX 2080 non-Super to RTX 2070 Super, respectively. This also explains why there’s two new IDs for each card: both non-A and -A GPUs can be converted.”

So are you able to flash your RTX 2060 Super or RTX 2070 super to an original RTX 2070 or RTX 2080? It might not be that simple, as TPU noted, “the method employed could be a bit more sophisticated than simply changing the video-BIOS and slapping on a new sticker”.

Be sure to check out TPU’s full article on this!

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