Canadian Retailer Lists Core i5-14600KF For 399 CAD

Few weeks ago, PC Canada was one of the early adopters in listing Intel’s soon-to-be-released desktop CPUs from the 14th Gen Core series. The prices attached to these new CPUs suggest that the retailer expects customers to pay approximately 4% higher prices, on average, for the same models when compared to their 13th Gen counterparts.


As we draw closer to the impending release of the new series, it is anticipated that pricing will shift away from the ‘placeholder era’ towards a more definitive and reliable state. In this context, another Canadian retailer, Canada Computers, has also published listings for nearly the entire lineup, showing a comparable average price hike.

Remarkably, these CPUs were not initially visible on the retailer’s webpage, but they became accessible when users initiated searches for these particular CPU models. Out of the six models, five were presented in this manner, including basic specification confirmations and pricing, with a reminder that the prices were in CAD, not USD.


Upon a brief examination, it becomes apparent that the new SKUs are poised to experience price increases ranging from 0% to 7%. What stands out is that the upcoming next-generation Core i5-14600KF is currently available at the same price as its predecessor, the 13600KF, at $399 CAD. Notably absent from this list is the Core i9-14900K model.

Intel is preparing to reveal its latest desktop K-series on October 16th, with the official launch scheduled for the following day. It’s worth noting that the company has maintained secrecy regarding pricing and detailed specifications during its recent Innovation event. As a result, most of what enthusiasts and tech observers have come across in recent months has primarily been in the form of unconfirmed rumors and speculations.

Source & Image Credits:  Videocardz