Case Mod Friday: Alaskan Arctic

Project Name: Alaskan Arctic

Case Mod Friday: Alaskan Arctic

About this mod / project:
A new system builder called AION approached me and asked me to design their flagship system, this will be available in very limited quantities and will be able to be purchased in the Fall!


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– Intel i7-6700K
– Avexir 4x8GB Sabranco 2400Mhz
– (2) Visiontek Fury X
– Intel 750 400GB PCI-e
– EVGA 1200P2 (still to arrive)
– In Win 909 Silver

– EK-Supremacy EVO – Nickel
– (2) EK-FC Fury X – Nickel
– (2) EK-FC Fury X Backplate – Nickel
– EK-FC Terminal 3 Slot Parallel – Plexi
– (2) EK-SE240
– EK-XE360
– (9) EK-Vardar F4-120ER White (3 more coming)
– EK-Ekoolant Pastel Blue
– (15) EK-ACF White 10/16mm
– EK-AF 90s and 45s – Nickel
– EK-RES X3 White 150
– EK-D5 XTOP – Plexi

– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom sleeved cables

Build Log: OCN

Builder: derickwm

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