Case Mod Friday: Bitfenix Portal Build

Project Name: Bitfenix Portal Build

Builder: /u/kez1a

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have a rather unique build inside of the Bitfenix Portal case. The amount of watercooling in such a small space is quite impressive! Be sure to check this one out!


FR1pM83 FgNflat G2HYbd1 Gn4v4CE GWlNjby jTRQJwf kkD9nW8 PaOWXHU PoJEiIN tQbHbnC v9krgST WQAVQ7b XlH90b1 YHSIVam

– 8700k delidded @ 5.0ghz
– Asus z370i Strix itx
– Asus 1080ti Turbo @ 2076mhz
– 2 x 16gb Corsair Dominator platinum 3000 @ 3200mhz
– Samsung 960pro 1tb
– Bitfenix portal case
– Silverstone SX800LTI 800w SFX titanium psu
– BitsPower: fittings, cpu block, gpu block, pump/res combo, tubing, 240x30mm radiator, res mounts, temp sensor, IHS.
– Ensourced cables
– Mayhem’s pastel coolant w/ 18 drops of ocean blue dye (into 1L mix)
– Thermalgrizzly liquid metal
– Arctic mx4 thermal compound
– 2x Noise Blocker 120mm fans
– 2x Noise Blocker 80mm fans

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