Case Mod Friday: Mad Scientist

Project Name: Mad Scientist

Case Mod Friday: Mad Scientist

About this mod / project:
I really wanted to build a PC that has multiple looks and that has a lot going on with liquid, air and temperature changes. I have used a thermal reactive paint internally that when warm reveals a whole new level of detail! Next week I’ll be doing a in build summary and work log video going over some of these great features. If you cant wait until then ill be bringing it down to display with Cooler Master at tomorrows COG event in Sydney as well as GGF in Brisbane later in the month.


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– Cooler Master Master Case 5
– Cooler Master JetFlo fans
– Cooler Master V850 PSU
– Asus Maximus 8 Hero
– Asus Strix GTX 970
– Intel i5 6600K
– Bitspower water cooling throughout
– Mod Guru Cable extensions
– Hyper X SSD’s
– Avexir Raiden 4x4gb RAM

– Custom “melt” effect on front of case
– Custom beakers inside and on the front of the case
– Custom bent hard-tubing
– Custom black-light designs on graphics card and throughout the case
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log: Facebook

Builder: Oz Modz

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