Case Mod Friday: Project SEVEN

Project Name: Project SEVEN


About this mod / project:
I have finished my project “SEVEN”. For the time being, I would like to again thank Alphacool International GmbH and Thermaltake Germany for the sponsored hardware. Also another big thank you to Modworkx, Gosumodz and PayFrog Custom for the support of the project. Over 200 hours of planning and work on this project.


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Case – Corsair Obsidian 900 d
CPU – i7 4790 K (beheaded)
Mobo -Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark s
Ram – 16 GB AVEXIR BLITZ SERIES 1.1 (White)
GPU – EVGA GTX 980 ti classified
PSU – EVGA 750 w supernova g2

Fan: 4 x TT Riing RGB, ELOOPS PHOBYA 3 x, 1 X Corsair SP
Diverse Bitspower Fittings “Silver Shiny”
Pump: Aqua Stream Ultra
CPU: Bits Power Summit
GPU: Liquid Extacy 980ti Classified
Radiators: 360 s, 480 s 4,5 cm strong of alphacool
Terms and conditions: Aqualis XT 880 ml
Control: AQUAERO 6 XT with passive radiator
Filter: Aquacoumputer Water Filter

– Custom front panel
– Custom top panel
– Custom paint job
– Case modded to support vertical graphics card
– Customized thermal armor
– Sleeved cables
– Custom hard tubing
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log: Facebook

Builder: SevenSix Mods

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