Case Mod Friday: Digital Invasion

Project Name: Digital Invasion

About this mod / project:
The mod we have today comes from Simple Modz and is a tribute to the classic game Space Invaders. There are Space Invader hints on both the outside and inside of the case. The system is built inside of the In Win 805 case and Simple Modz added some really cool digital camouflage that really sets the case off!


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Case – In Win 805
Motherboard – ASUS Sabertooth Z170-S
CPU – Intel i7 6700K
Memory – 4 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM
GPU – ASUS Strix GTX980Ti
SSD – Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB SSD
PSU – Corsair HX750i
Cables – Icemodz Fully Custom Individually Sleeved Cables
LEDs – Icemodz RGB LED Strips

Radiators – Bitspower Leviathan Slim 360 Radiator
Fans – 4 x Thermaltake Riing White LED 120mm fans
Pump – Bitspower DDC Plus with White Bitspower Pump Cooler for DDC/MCP355 and Bitspower Acrylic Top
Reservoir – Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150 Clear Acrylic
Fittings – Various Bitspower Deluxe White Fittings
Tubing – Bitspower Crystal Link 12mm Acrylic Tubing
CPU Block – Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF Clear Acrylic with White Plate
GPU Block – Bitspower VG-980TIADCIIS Acrylic (Clear)
Coolant – Mayhems Ice White with Primochill Black Dye Mix

– Custom digital camouflage
– Inside of the case painted white
– Space Invaders characters all over the case
– Custom water cooling loop
– Custom hard-tubing

Build Log: Facebook

Builder: Simple Modz

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