Case Mod Friday: Tt Desk

Project Name: Tt Desk

About this mod / project:
I’m Peter Brands, 35 years young and from a little town in the middle of The Netherlands called Urk. I’m an electrician, and mostly active on trawlers, vessels and luxury yachts.

I’ve been an online gamer and hardware enthusiast since 1995 where I got my online nick ‘L3p’ and started modding in 2009.

Some might know me from my desk-pc builds ‘L3p D3sk’ and ‘Cross Desk’ or scratch build ‘L3pipe’.

I have to admit I’m not really a competitive casemodder, more a passionate liquidcooling enthusiast. But with the Tt P5 and the idea I have as you can see in the banner I just couldn’t resist


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– Intel Core i7-6700K
– Asus Maximus VIII Formula
– Asus Geforce GTX980 Strix (2x)
– Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 34″ 100Hz
– Avexir Red Tesla 2666Mhz 16GB
– Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2
– Thermaltake Core P5 (2x)
– Thermaltake DPS G RGB 1250W Ti
– Thermaltake Fully Liquidcooled

– Mounted the two Core P5’s to the wall
– Custom cut the Core P5’s for the radiators
– Custom glass panel made for the top of the desk
– Shortened the poles that hold the glass panel
– Custom made hard-tubing
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log: Thermaltake Community

Builder: Peter Brands

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