Case Mod Friday: Zotac France Hex Gear R40

Project Name: Zotac France Hex Gear R40

About this mod / project:
This mod comes from Mathieu Heredia better known as “Watermod”. He takes the ever popular HEX Gear R40 and gives it a total Zotac makeover. The build was done specifically for Zotac France. So you have a white, yellow, and silver color design, which looks awesome!


13173387_1345562482127387_2098518128630226660_o 13161772_1345562488794053_8983683568320584040_o 13161682_1345562355460733_8055771857716115250_o 13147476_1345562475460721_2227032935520178656_o 13131586_1345562412127394_8598777613180203752_o 13131291_1345562558794046_2336755995513194408_o 13131090_1345562478794054_2911285502100751692_o 13123332_1345562348794067_2414425028158850276_o 13123239_1345562352127400_5632466573864881264_o 13122860_1345562405460728_6249508475049423193_o 13119086_1345562418794060_1596965024301121661_n 13116109_1345562555460713_3268927754015359905_o 13103357_1345562345460734_3320989550832233481_n 13087142_1345562408794061_7682977070613888181_o

– Hex gear R40
– I5 6600K
– Asrock Extreme 4
– 16gb DDR4 Avexir core series
– SSD Zotac 240gb
– Zotac GTX 980Ti Arcticstorm
– Thermaltake 1200w Toughpower Grand platinum
– Water by Tt

– Custom HEX Gear R40 Case
– Custom Zotac Logos
– Custom sleeving
– Custom paint job on the power supply
– Custom water cooling loop

Builder: Mathieu Heredia

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