Case Mod Friday: Nuclear In Nature

Project Name: Nuclear In Nature

About this mod / project:
My latest project ‘Nuclear in Nature’ is all finished. I used the In Win S frame as a great foundation and tried a variety of new painting techniques to really bring out the textures and grittiness.


13391656_891829124278881_4603078482417525154_o 13442431_891829344278859_4370406148600753895_o 13432371_891829494278844_2639777219636082617_n 13423792_891829334278860_5765001066141864685_n 13422357_891829397612187_2554267417282027340_o 13418733_891829470945513_638548337598597925_n 13418443_891829607612166_4554334831354568328_o 13417451_891829374278856_5775678924603053787_n 13415551_891829390945521_8478961070394828422_o 13415393_891829284278865_5079901828459364967_o 13413505_891829620945498_272399339683686690_n 13411991_891829520945508_5728410297857944122_o 13411979_891829537612173_7785875248596899616_o 13411959_891829430945517_8048863128717583020_o 13403870_891829167612210_6625617011532407835_o 13403816_891829324278861_7835107151204962176_o 13403171_891829274278866_1254922051029936583_o 13403147_891829030945557_2637444317273976463_o 13403091_891829574278836_8232681070805302573_o 13392264_891829464278847_6875807701947968562_o


– In win S Frame
– Asus Strix GTX 980ti
– Asus Rampage Extreme
– Intel i7 5930K
– Intel 750 Pcie SSD 800GB
– Bitspower Water Cooling
– 8x 4 gb Hyper X Predator RAM
– 4 Hyper X Savage SSD
– Modguru Cable extensions

– Custom paint job on the case
– Custom paint on water cooling components
– Custom paint on sleeved cables
– Custom sleeved cables
– Custom paint job on SSDs
– Custom water cooling loop

Builder: Oz Modz

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