Case Mod Friday: Prototype No. 2

Project Name: Prototype No. 2

About this mod / project:
This build was shown at the Gigabyte Suite at Computex. This build was done in the white prototype of the R80, hence the name “Prototype No. 2”. For this build I made a complete sidepanel with integrated cable routing and water routing channels. All cables beside the pump cables runs into this plate, and is neatly routed to the PSU.

The side panel is made from a 25 mm thick acrylic plate that has been CNC machined to make room for the watercooilng and cables.


13411856_1224108084266151_2038861257667018168_o 13411702_1224108637599429_4349758104794547286_o 13403986_1224108564266103_1095210396270991422_o 13403932_1224108150932811_7469727834985307534_o 13403871_1224108537599439_1990802394851091319_o 13403840_1224108074266152_7108115958651023608_o 13403803_1224108017599491_1376090490524246220_o 13403142_1224108290932797_3276691725410906833_o 13403108_1224108440932782_9086087905450518992_o 13391582_1224108014266158_5992865666894638520_o 13391534_1224108520932774_6048643076068719027_o 13350347_1224108077599485_585014783157442608_o 13350298_1224108584266101_5630608048313193177_o 13346347_1224108397599453_8324465791242274596_o 13346308_1224108640932762_4316740670623957298_o 13329522_1224108024266157_4965247493164874070_o 13329454_1224107940932832_3238025258785507659_o 13329313_1224108180932808_4752586618332850482_o 13323740_1224108220932804_1628344313524995559_o 13323739_1224108120932814_8434534342034689459_o 13323730_1224107954266164_2343993038406977540_o 13323394_1224108507599442_8803779674964695712_o 13323314_1224108144266145_543344826056229584_o 13320946_1224107944266165_2898012694140057826_o 13320814_1224108354266124_202177130826557093_o 13320761_1224108257599467_6937935012963565654_o 13320608_1224108317599461_1380981414381461148_o 13320385_1224108400932786_8306807484664400845_o


– Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X99-ULTRA Gaming
– Graphic cards: Gigabyte 980TI G1 gaming
– CPU: Intel i7 6900K
– SSD: Intel 750 400 gb PCIe ssd
– RAM: 32 gb corsair Vengeance 3000 mhz
– PSU: Corsair HX1200i
– Case: Hex Gear R80
– Watercooling: EK waterblocks
– Fittings: Bitspower
– Tubing: E22 solid tubing

– Custom back side panel with cable routing and water cooling channels
– Custom PSU sleeving
– Custom water cooling loop
– Custom pump mounts

Builder: p0Pe

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