Get Out Of That Computer Chair With Killerspin

Working in the computer industry is a fun thing for most people, but it does have one downside, we end up sitting at a computer for hours at a time. This has been proved to not be healthy and can lead to major health problems down the line. Sadly when many of us want to blow off steam or get away from work we turn to video games, this keeps us in those computer chairs for even longer. Well Killerspin wants to help you with their UnPlugNPlay package. Killerspin is one of the leading makers of ping pong tables, paddles, and more! The kit that they sent us includes a mini ping pong table, two paddles and six balls. This is everything we need to get ping pong up and running in the office.

The ping pong table that was sent to us was the MyT Lee Mini. This is Killerspin’s smallest ping pong table offering with playing dimensions of 2 ½ feet x 5 feet. That size makes it perfect for indoors and office environments. The table also comes folded up and has a handle on top for easy transportation.


To get the table set up is very easy. Just unfold it and pull the legs out. Attached to one of the legs you will find a velcro bag. Inside the bag is the net and two posts. Be sure to take this bag off leg and set it aside. Once you have the table set up go ahead and take the net and two posts out. The posts screw right down into the table and then you just install the net. Total setup takes maybe 5 minutes.


Killerspin was nice enough to send us two of their paddles as well. These are the Jet600 and Jet600. The Jet series of paddles are made to be an everyday paddle. They are made of wood and tough rubbers.


The Jet800 is the more high-end paddle of the two at $99.99. The paddle is made of two layers of carbon fiber combined with 5 plys of premium wood. The handle is made of burnt wood, which should give you a really good grip. The Jet600 is a small step down from the 800 at $87.99. It is made completely of wood with a 5-layer design. Both paddles have ITTF-approved rubbers on each side.


We’ve had the Killerspin setup in the office for a couple of weeks now and it’s been a blast! Instead of playing video games together we are getting out of our chairs and playing ping pong. It has led to some pretty intense games! It is great that the table is so small, there is no way we would be able to fit a full-size table in our office. Also that fact that we can break the table down in 5 minutes is great. So if we have a client coming in or need the space for something else it is not a large last to break the table down.


If you are looking for a way to get your co-workers or family up and active a Killerspin ping pong table is the perfect thing! It has been a staple in the office since it came in! Killerspin also provides a free UnPlugNPlay kit which includes table tennis rules and a tournament bracket!

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