The Unique Challenges of Casino Security

Casino heist movies seem to be popular lately, especially Ocean’s Eleven. With yet another remake seemingly in the works it again brings to light the idea of the casino heist. The real question is, is it possible to actually rob a casino these days, or is the security just too good?

The answer of course is that no security is perfect, and there are a very small number of heists that have actually been successful. For the most part though, the security in place will no doubt shut you down before you even put your plan in motion. Even if you did get out of the building, you’ll have been identified and all your details known, ready to be given to the authorities.

We all know that the money in the casino will be in the vault. This is why the technology around these vaults is some of the most advanced in the world. The security around them is what you would expect to see in major banks, and government vaults. This makes it top of the range and for all but the best criminals, impenetrable. See this insightful post about casino security from 888 Casino for an example. This obviously makes going for the money in this way seemingly not the best method.

Another method to try would of course be cheating, but this again isn’t going to be easy. The constant monitoring of the game floor and well trained staff who are trained to find obvious sign of cheating will often stop this in its tracks. There are some that do get away with it of course, but it would take somebody very brave to try such techniques are card counting in a well-run casino.

One aspect of stopping a heist taking place is to put the culprit of even trying in the first place. This is often done in Vegas casinos with a high security presence, and importantly, one that is armed. With cameras providing almost blanket surveillance of the game floor, any strange behaviour can be reported to the security team who will be on hand straight away to deal with the problem.

It is also important to have a contingency plan in case something does happen. This is why all staff are trained what to do in case a crisis does occur. All staff must be constantly aware of any strange activity so that it can be reported and handled effectively. The quicker it is found; the sooner the heist can be stopped in its tracks.

While everything the customers do is monitored, it is also important to note that employees are monitored too. Not only does this stop “inside jobs” but it also protects the staff from being suspected in any robberies that may be attempted. If the staff can be ruled out of heist attempts as quickly as possible, the real culprits will be found.

In these days of online casinos, SSL protection is also a way to stop heist attempts. Not only is this used to protect all transactions on the casino websites, but also in the casino themselves. All wireless access is protected by 128-bit encryption meaning intruders are kept out.

There are many other ways that casinos stay secure, even down to the silent alarm systems that seem almost stone age compared to some of the other means of protecting the casinos these days. With this just being a taste of how secure casinos are, do you think Ocean’s Eleven could get away with their heist today?

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