Tablets: The Mobile Gaming Device of Choice

It seems every year we are told that mobile devices are taking over the gaming world. This is often said with the smartphone in mind, especially the iPhone which we see getting more and more powerful with every version released. It seems that the tablet devices may be catching up though as the gaming device of choice.

The one thing that has been holding tablets back is the fact they sit between the power of the console and PC, and the smartphone. What has been needed is a boost in power that not only lets them work as a mobile device, but to also have the power to run graphically impressive games, while not struggling because of the greater amount of screen size which require greater resolutions.

Companies that are doing battle in this area are Nvidia and Acer who have released the Nvidia Shield, and in Acer’s case, the Predator. These tablets are able to run a 1080p resolution, and with the power of the Atom processor have the optimised power to be able to handle the higher requirements.

A lot of the performance boost provided to these devices also come in the form of graphical power, something that Nvidia are known to do well with. The Predator doesn’t hold back in this department either, though it does set itself apart with better audio performance for those looking to play music alongside their games.

What these devices provide is a greater ability to play games, whether they be intensive graphical games, or something more simple like free rummy. Nvidia’s Shield device also allows for game streaming from the PC, allowing you to play the top games on your device which is also another reason for the need for bigger screens, though you may not want to stream while on the move.

What is evident is that mobile gaming is evolving, and it is changing to meet the needs of the user. Whether it is a small device like the smartphone or a bigger tablet, there is a suitable choice for everybody.

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