Case Mod Friday: Master X5

Project Name: Master X5

About this mod / project:
Hello friends, as I promised, very quickly after the “HAF Reborn” project we meet again. This time the main role is the Cooler Master Mastercase 5 and I will try to turn it to something completely different!


Master-X5-project-photo-054 Master-X5-project-photo-053 Master-X5-project-photo-052 Master-X5-project-photo-050 Master-X5-project-photo-049 Master-X5-project-photo-048 Master-X5-project-photo-047 Master-X5-project-photo-043 Master-X5-project-photo-041 Master-X5-project-photo-039 Master-X5-project-photo-038 Master-X5-project-photo-037 Master-X5-project-photo-036 Master-X5-project-photo-035 Master-X5-project-photo-034 Master-X5-project-photo-033 Master-X5-project-photo-032 Master-X5-project-photo-031 Master-X5-project-photo-028 Master-X5-project-photo-027 Master-X5-project-photo-026 Master-X5-project-photo-024 Master-X5-project-photo-023 Master-X5-project-photo-022 Master-X5-project-photo-021 Master-X5-project-photo-020 Master-X5-project-photo-019 Master-X5-project-photo-017 Master-X5-project-photo-016 Master-X5-project-photo-015 Master-X5-project-photo-012 Master-X5-project-photo-011 Master-X5-project-photo-007 Master-X5-project-photo-005 Master-X5-project-photo-004


– Cooler Master Mastercase 5
– Cooler Master V1000
– Cooler Master 120 and 140 fans
– MSI X99A motherboard MPOWER
– Intel I7 5820K
– Kingston HyperX Predator 4x4Gb 2400Mhz DDR4
– 2 x GPU Sapphire R9 290 (CFX)
– Transcend 370s SSD 256gb RAID0
– Phobya Alphacool and components Water Cooling

– Motherboard tray flipped
– Custom dual 360 mm rad holder
– Custom power and reset buttons
– Custom res holder on the front
– Custom rad mount on the back
– Custom front, back, and top panels
– Custom side panel
– Custom PSU cover
– Custom SSD mount
– Custom sleeved cables
– Custom hard-tubing

Builder: neSSa

Build Log: Cooler Master Forums

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