The Future of Gaming

The way in which we play games has continued to evolve over the last decade, and the journey hasn’t started to slow down yet. In fact, the exciting advancements are still a futuristic dream. However, what we have available today is a far cry from the yesterday of technology. Remember that dreaded sound of the 56k Dial-up modem – a 1990s irritant for many. With superfast internet spreading across many countries, we are now in a better position than ever to compete within the gaming world. This article takes a look over what other interesting elements might be introduced in the future. Lets’ begin.


Virtual Reality
Sure, it’s already here within its simplest form, yet the serious high-end VR tech is coming soon. Both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift are expected to transform this new technology. Content will be a major aspect to how successful virtual reality can actually become. In the near future, VR is expected to be cost effective and change the way many of us choose to interact with games, movies and online content. You can’t help but imagine how amazing it will be to enjoy an online game from a true first-person experience. Expect virtual reality to change how the majority view games, quite literally.

Online Browser Games
Playing a game from the comfort of your web-browser has climbed, especially now the tools are available for both developers and players. This has steadily allowed for growth within this emerging market. There are an incredible amount of high quality games to enjoy, check out Color Switch game as an example, provided by Poki. It’s this type of arcade game which provide incredible fun without requiring the player to pay for the experience. Of course, they are simple in nature, but these games are seeing increasingly better visuals and depth, this will only increase into the future as the landscape of such technology changes. Interestingly, Flash, the technology many of these games use, is to be discontinued soon. HTML5 will takes its place as the new standard, which will be supported by all major browsers. Simply put, one day, expect to be able to play console-quality games from a simple web-browser – how amazing will that be?

Console Gaming
Some were predicting that the days of owning a console were quickly coming to an end. Yet, Sony’s PS4 is proving this statement to be a myth, at least for now. Nintendo are working on another home console, currently named the NX. Both Sony and Microsoft are preparing to release an updated edition to their current offerings, which will open up 4K gaming to console users. Then, of course, there is VR, an area that Sony if focusing heavily on. Whilst cloud gaming is expected to potentially replace owning a console, that isn’t likely to happen before the next wave of consoles such as the PlayStation 5 – which is reported to be already in the works as Sony HQ.

Holographic Games
Another major area of interest at the moment is holograms. The idea that you can see content within a hologram isn’t just awesome, but it opens the door to many new ideas. It’s already in use, allowing concerts to be held featuring people who were once popular, such as Michael Jackson or 2Pac. The audience gets to see a lifelike hologram on the stage which reflects the real thing. It’s still a technology that’s starting out. However, one day it could be used with TVs, smartphones, monitors and more.
Which of these mentions do you feel might have the most game-changing affects for those experiencing the online world of gaming? Feel free to leave your comments and feedback within the box further down the page.

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