Case Mod Friday: Red Dragon

Project Name: Red Dragon


Tell us a little about your case / case mod?
This is a completely custom system that James Fislar aka “Jjsky500 PC Mods” built for MSI for CES 2015. As you can see it has a very unique design featuring MSI’s “Dragon” logo. The mod features an X99 system with a custom cooling loop and as you can guess lots of black and red!


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– Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E 8-Core 3.0GHz LGA 2011
– Kingston hyper 32 Gb predator ram ddr4
– Kingston hyper 256 GB
– MSI S99X ACK Motherboard
– MSI Gaming GTX 980 SLI
– Lepa 1000 Watt PowerSuppy
– Enermax Vegas Fans
– Bitpower, Rad, Rez and pump

List of Custom Modifications
– Custom Hand made case
– Base was made of recycle wood scraps
– Acrylic dragons hand cut using the skillsaw, then hand polished edges
Build time: less than 30 days
Materials: Wood and acrylic
– Table saw
– Skill saw
– belt and palm sander
– Hand drill
– Dremel & router

Build Log: FlickR

Builder: James Fislar aka “Jjsky500 PC Mods”

Website: Facebook

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