Case Mod Friday: Sour Apple

Project Name: Sour Apple


About this mod / project:
Welcome to this Case Mod, in which I will be taking a Power Mac G4 and converting it to fit mATX and to accommodate 3x240mm radiators. Both exterior and interior will be painted in matte black and matte white. This will take place over the course of the next year or so (I hope it doesn’t take any longer!) As I am a student and money is rare! Hopefully I will have finished the case completely by the time I can afford the Hardware itself which will most likely be around Christmas time. This build has evolved from initially being in a Bitfenix Prodigy then a Bitfenix Survivor then a Power Mac G5 and now finally the G4! This will also be a dual boot system


900x900px-LL-6c10614c_G4mod-641 900x900px-LL-9e10b132_G4mod-644 900x900px-LL-24ce90bc_G4mod-640 900x900px-LL-a0da30fc_G4mod-634 900x900px-LL-e404e600_G4mod-638 900x900px-LL-ea286bd5_G4mod-643 900x900px-LL-f0c58186_G4mod-645


– Asrock Z87M OC Formula
– Intel Core i7 4770k
– OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
– Samsung Evo 250GB SSD
– AMD 7990
– 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
– Case: Power Mac G4
– Silverstone strider 850w (short edition)

– Swiftech MCP35x
– 2x Alphacool ST30 240mm radiators
– 1x Swiftech MCR220QP 240mm radiator
– EK CSQ clear blocks (CPU, GPU, DDC pump top and RAM block)
– EK 250mm reservoir
– Mayhems Sunset Yellow Pastel Coolant
– 6x Corsair SP120 quiet editions
– E22 Hard acrylic tube
– Bitspower C47 fittings
– EK ZMT Tubing

Custom Mods:
– Built inside a Power Mac G4
– Custom sleeving
– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom bent tubing
– Hidden power button
– System able to close while still running

Build Log:

Builder: Gardnerphotos

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