Case Mod Friday: TriStellar Whetstone

Project Name: Tristellar Whetstone

Case Mod Friday: Tristellar Whetstone

About this mod / project:
Hello guys, Time start a new project. I hope you all will have as much fun as I will have.


DSC03732 800x600_zpsxot5prmc DSC03763 600x800_zpsjohaoigu DSC03764 800x600_zpszjtfrzlz DSC03767 600x800_zpsry6vpg2d DSC03768 800x600_zpslnml00lg (1) DSC03768 800x600_zpslnml00lg DSC03770 600x800_zpsn7ahdhq6 DSC03773 800x600_zpss1phblb4 DSC03776 800x600_zpswatn4vwm DSC03780 800x600_zpstx4iexoe DSC03783 800x600_zpss45m3nje DSC03785 800x600_zpsmhxppspc DSC03787 600x800_zpsdhjhcuru DSC03788 800x600_zps8fywa6a8 DSC03790 800x600_zpsldvetls2 DSC03791 800x600_zpsf71cjqlq DSC03792 800x600_zpst8e7vvwa DSC03793 800x600_zpsi86bebpk DSC03801 600x800_zpsi4ruisrd

– Intel Core i5
– ASUS Z97i Plus
– EVGA GeForce GTX 980
– Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory
– DeepCool DA650 650W Power Supply

– Watercool HEATKILLER IV XL for GTX 980
– EK CoolStream XE 120 x2
– Thermaltake Red Riing fans

– Custom fabricated radiator mounts
– Motherboard tray cut
– Custom panels made for the case
– Custom hinges made for the case
– Custom made reservoir
– Custom made modular cables
– EL cable added to PSU cables
– Custom copper pipes

Build Log: Bit-Tech Forums

Builder: alain-s

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